Swashbuckle Recording New Album, “Crime Always Pays”, in NJ

Nautical thrashers SWASHBUCKLE are currently recording their 2nd album for Nuclear Blast Records at The Sound of Revolution Studios in Ewing NJ. Len Carmichael, whom the band worked with on Back to the Noose, will engineer the record once again.

Vocalist/bassist Admiral Nobeard commented:

“Ahoy asshats and saucy wenches!  At the moment we pirates three are hard at work on recording our new album entitled Crime Always Pays. That’s right jerks, the thrash band with a pirate problem is back in action crafting malicious metal jams with tales of piratical shenanigans.  It’s gonna be a heavy record, so expect to beat the shit out of your siblings and parental units whilst ye get caught in a mosh.   Expect some video-updates as we progress on our studio-adventures of musical-retardation, and while you’re at it, catch us on the road in May with HYPOCRISY. It’ll be a killer time.  Stay Classy, and eat a bowl of fuck. “

Crime Always Pays song titles:

  1. Raw Doggin’ at the Raw Bar
  2. This Round’s on YOU!
  3. The Gallows’ Pole Dancer
  4. A Time of Wooden Ships and Iron Men
  5. At the Bottom of a Glass
  6. Powder Keg
  7. Where Victory is Penned
  8. We are the Storm
  9. Of Hooks and Hornswogglers
  10. Rope’s End
  11. You Bring the Cannon, We’ll Bring the Balls
  12. Crime Always Pays
  13. To Steal a Life Legacy’s
  14. Allure

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