Tony Iommi and Ian Gillan to Help Armenia

Speaking exclusively to Metal Hammer, BLACK SABBATH gutiarist Tony Iommi has stated that he and DEEP PURPLE’s Ian Gillan will reunite and work together on an Armenian benefit campaign:

“Ian was at mine a few weeks back, and we put a couple of tracks down, just to try and raise some money for Armenia. We raised some money 20 years ago and we wanted to do it again, to be able to buy stuff. We went over a few months ago because they gave us an Order Of honour from the president and so Ian and I went over and Pat Cash came. They showed us what the money had bought. They showed us this old music school, it was freezing and the kids had no instruments so we bought them some new instruments – drums and guitars – and we want to build a new school for the kids.

We’re going to do a few songs and, hopefully, we can raise the money to afford to buy them a new school. The plans are quite open at the moment. We’ve talked about doing a couple of shows out there, but it’s about working round what we are both doing – because we [Heaven And Hell] hope touring will start again soon.”

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