Y&T New Album Details!

Y&T will release a new studio album on May 21 through Frontiers – their first since 1997’s Endangered Species.

Talking exclusively to Classic Rock, guitarist/vocalist Dave Meniketti revealed both the title of the record, and the reason it’s been chosen:

“We’re gonna call it Facemelter. The reason is that this phrase has been associated with us since the 70s. fans have always gone on about how we melt their faces, so it was an obvious album title.”

The record will have 14 tracks in all and, says Meniketti (who also produced the Facemelter), it’s a real rocker.

“We did have a couple of ballads, but they’ve been cut from it. So now what we have are rockers and mid-tempo songs. It’s the closest we can get to Black Tiger (1982) and that classic Y&T sound.”

Songs to be featured include the following:

I’m Coming Home

Shine On

How Long

Blind Patriot

On With The Show

The band – Meniketti and fellow founder-member Phil Kennemore (bass), plus guitarist John Nymann and drummer Mike Vanderhule – will be returning to Donington for the first time since 1984, when they play the Download Festival in June.

“It’s certainly been a while. We’re just happy to be on the bill. I’m sure this’ll be fun.”

The San Francisco band will return to Britain in October for a full headlining tour, which could have as many as 10 shows. And Meniketti is also considering something special next year to mark the 30th anniversary of the Earthshaker album.

“We did a gig not so long ago in our home town, playing the whole of Earthshaker and also Black Tiger. It went down really well. So, we might well do something similar with Earthshaker next year at other venues around the world.”

Find out more at www.meniketti.com

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