Soilwork Enter Last Blog Post for “The Panic Broadcast”

Bjorn “Speed” Strid has checked in for SOILWORK’s last blog post from the studio.

The Panic Broadcast is set to be released on June 2, (Europe) and July 13 (N. America) via Nuclear Blast Records. The album marks the bands first album to feature guitarist/producer/songwriter Peter Wichers since his return to the band in 2008

Here I am back in my teenage crib in Sweden in the same old bed listening to the master of The Panic Broadcast. I was just on the phone with Peter and I couldn’t help getting flashbacks from when we started the band, the feeling of getting your hands on the master of the first album and the kick it gave us and not being able to stop talking on the phone about it. So am I being a bit nostalgic here? You can bet your life I am. It’s been a long time since I got such a kick out of listening to a Soilwork album. I took a walk in the rain for two hours yesterday, deciding the song order and I didn’t care at all that I got absolutely soaked. Today, the album will be mastered at Sterling Sound, NY. Can’t wait to hear the result. Listening to this album is like being run over emotionally by a dumptruck and then being pulled up at the last second by a euphoric feeling that will lead you into tranquility. Sounds pretentious doesn’t it? It is but it’s real. I feel that Jens Bogren, who mixed the album, has done an outstanding job at getting all the details through.I feel it’s very important since there’s so many elements in our music that creates a unique touch. It’s been a long journey and I’ve had the toughest time in my life, but I can’t express how much this album is pulling me up. It’s giving me a lot of guidance right now. I wish that it will give you the same feeling… The tracklist of the album is posted below. Enjoy!

Tracklist The Panic Broadcast:

1. Late for the kill, early for the slaughter
2. 2 lives worth of reckoning
3. The Thrill
4. Deliverance is mine
5. Night Comes Clean
6. King of the threshold
7. Let this river flow
8. Epitome
9. The Akuma Afterglow
10. Enter dog of Pavlov

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