Earth Crisis Recruit Fall Out Boy Drummer

EARTH CRISIS will essentially put a close to this successful album’s touring cycle with the “Wrath of Sanityheadlining North American tour. This bill, which kicks off on April 22nd, also features such acclaimed acts as First Blood and Thick As Blood. The trek will also hit The New England Metal and Hardcore Festival and conclude at the California Metalfest. Be sure to visit their MySpace to view their complete touring itinerary.

Longtime drummer Dennis Merrick will only be playing the first four shows and will be replaced by Andy Hurley (Fall Out Boy) for the remainder of the tour.

Hurley further states:

EARTH CRISIS is one of my favorite bands ever. They are the reason why I am vegan and straight edge. The origins of most of my philosophical/political beliefs come from them introducing me to a whole new way of thinking. When I was asked to fill in on the upcoming tour, I was beyond stoked. It felt like being called up to the major league, and I think that this will be the most fun I will have on a tour. Be sure to come check it out because this is a band whose songs beat in my heart and who have never forgotten how to write brutally awesome songs.”

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