Beyond Insanity – Beyond Insanity

Unsigned French five-piece BEYOND INSANITY borrows the technicality of MESHUGGAH, the brutality of GOJIRA, and the modern metal sound of SLIPKNOT.

A journey of instability is created on their self-titled EP, a concept album about notorious serial killer Ed Gein. The subject matter matches the band’s dark, schizophrenic pace. A full-length album is in the works and will be produced by well-known metal knob-twirler Tue Madsen (THE HAUNTED, DARK TRANQUILLITY, SICK OF IT ALL, MNEMIC).

The five-song EP is a mix of harsh, agonizing screams, chugging riffs and tight musicianship. There’s plenty of hypnotic melodies and complex rhythms, which, at the most part, go perfectly with their precision-pummeling drumming. The vocals move from a deathy rasp to an almost spoken, clean swagger, akin to SLIPKNOT, but not as consolidated. It does give a variation to the music, but it’s not as strong as the harsh growls. Their grasp of English is not so great on the cleaner parts, which also seems to be out of place with the rest of the music. These two factors are probably their only downfall. The production is clear and precise, and the artwork and packaging is pretty professional for an EP.

This is a mature sounding-yet-novice band that could be on to something. They may just stick around for a while If they can condense their mix of death metal/metalcore/hardcore/experimental sound into one solid direction.

Rating: 7/10

By Kelley Simms

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