Free MP3 giveaway from ScatterTunes

ScatterTunes, a new online music store, is giving away a free download of the title track of Jimi Hendrix’s new album,”Valleys Of Neptune”. You can participate in this giveaway via Twitter or Facebook using these instructions:

STEP 1.  The reader must follow @ScatterTunes.
STEP 2.  The reader must retweet the official contest tweet which is:
“Follow @ScatterTunes and RT to receive a FREE MP3 download of the title track to Jimi Hendrix’s “Valleys Of Neptune.”.
STEP 3.  A direct message will be sent from us to the user to redeem their free download.

STEP 1.  You must LIKE (become a fan of) ScatterTunes’  Facebook page,
STEP 2.  Click on the “Free Giveaway” tab on the Facebook page.  From there, you will find a link to redeem the free giveaway.

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