We All Have Day Jobs Bring the Blue Collar Brutality

Central New Jersey metal artisans WE ALL HAVE DAY JOBS have released their new full-length album, The Parasite Aesthetic, on April 13 via Gainful Employment Records. The CD was recorded and mixed by Kyle Neeley at the band’s recording facility in central New Jersey, and was produced by WE ALL HAVE DAY JOBS.

SWASHBUCKLE’s Admiral Nobeard and Commodore RedRum make guest appearances on the tracks “The Dichotomy In Judgement” and “Dreaming Avalon” respectively.

The Parasite Aesthetic track listing:

1. Repristinate
2. Facilitate Extermination And Rebirth
3. Obsequious
4. Omniserpent
5. The Parasite Aesthetic
6. Vastation Soliloquy
7. The Means Justify Our Ends
8. Atavistic Dorsal Appendage
9. The Dichotomy In Judgement (featuring Admiral Nobeard)
10. Dreaming Avalon (featuring Commodore RedRum)
11. Despite The Respite


  • Max Lichtman – Vocals
  • Kyle Neeley – Guitars
  • Paul Christiansen – Drums

Music and more at http://www.myspace.com/bluecollarbrutality

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