Wormrot Prep for Grinding UK and Euro Tour Dates

Singapore grindcore trio WORMROT are preparing for their first ever UK tour.

WORMROT will kick off their UK tour next Thursday, 29th April in support of the band’s debut album, Abuse, which is out now in Europe.  Following the UK tour, WORMROT will be heading straight off to mainland Europe for the next 6 weeks.

WORMROT vocalist Arif comments:

We are currently preparing our shit to hit off UK this coming Monday.  It seems the flight related issue has been resolved.  Mother nature fuck us up at the wrong time.  But it’s all good now and we’re set to grind!  It’s our very first time grinding off UK and we’re stoked as shit to meet new and old friends boozing away and getting shitfaced after show.

“Also, we have few new tracks from the second album to share with the grind community over in UK and Europe to have a “preview” or whatever you call it.  It is also our very first long ass tour compared to the previous ones.  Two months of endless grindage.  The dates for UK/Europe can be found in our MySpace page.  Do check it out www.myspace.com/wormrotgrind.  If you are into grind, do join us for some beers before, during and after shows.

“We’re stoked as shit to have this opportunity.  Knowing us, coming from a fucking small ass island we call home.  GRINDCORE IS LOVE AND IT’S SPREADING LIKE NEVER BEFORE.  Cheesy as fuck.  See you grinders real soon.”

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