Thin Lizzy – Still Dangerous: Live at the Tower Theater Philadelphia 1977

In the States, THIN LIZZY was criminally overlooked both during their original run and posthumously. Sure, giants like Guns N’ Roses have sung the Irish band’s praises throughout the years but their record sales never came reached the level their influential music justly deserved. This week the folks at VH1 Classic Records released a recently unearthed live album from the group. Still Dangerous: Live at the Tower Theater Philadelphia 1977 finds Thin Lizzy in fighting form. When you hear Scott Gorham and Brian Robertson shooting off twin guitar leads, it’s easy to see where bands like Iron Maiden and Scorpions found some of their moves from. Their harmonies bounce off the amps with a gentle yet driving fluidity on songs like “Massacre” and “Cowboy Song.”

Unlike many of his counterparts during the 1970’s, Phil Lynott was never a Robert Plant clone, aiming for the rafters with his high notes. Instead he went with a smoother, restrained delivery that was propelled by a unique charm in his voice that made him one of rock-n-roll’s great storytellers. Producer Glyn Johns (along with Gorham) does a fantastic job of capturing Lynott’s world-class performance here. The powerhouse performance of “Soldier of Fortune” might be the definitive version of the anthem. Anyone who knows the song from their studio album, Bad Reputation, knows that it’s not an easy feat. With just 10 songs in the set, it would have been a treat to hear the band take on classics like “Southbound” and “Emerald” but it’s tough to complain when the rest of the album is this great.


Rating: 8
Label: VH1 Classic Records

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