VH1 Classic Records Releases Obscure Live Album From Thin Lizzy

VH1 Classic Records has just released THIN LIZZY’s Still Dangerous: Live At The Tower Theatre Philadelphia 1977. This newly discovered live album, featuring the quintessential Lizzy lineup-Phil Lynott, lead vocals/bass; Scott Gorham, guitar; Brian Robertson, guitar; Brian Downey, drums-showcases the band at the height of its prodigious powers.

Guitarist Gorham remembers the discovery of these tapes: “We pulled all these boxes down, and I didn’t even realize how many we had! There were a hell of a lot. One of the engineers was cataloging each reel, and one box came up marked ‘Philadelphia 2.’ That kinda stuck because I remembered Philadelphia but didn’t know what the ‘2′ meant. Then it hit me.

What had happened, on that particular leg of the King Biscuit tour, before we actually started the tour proper, we were asked to come out and do the radio show. We were uncomfortable because we wanted to do a few warm-up shows before we went [on the air live] so we struck a deal. We said we’ll go in and do this show for you if you only simulcast four songs, and let us come back in a few weeks time and do the whole show. They agreed. This tape is that second show coming back through Philadelphia where we were ready to go out and conquer America.

Check out the SMN News review of the album here.

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