Acheron Call it Quits

Vincent Crowley, frontman for Ibex Moon RecordsACHERON, has issued the following statement regarding the band’s future:

“After 22 years of existence, Black/..Death/Thrash Metal band ACHERON are calling it quits! The band has released 5 original full length cds, 3
mini-cds, 1 cover-tribute cd and a number of other underground releases. ACHERON will end on a familiar note by doing one last run of “RITES OF THE BLACK MASS” shows until January 1st, 2011. After that ACHERON will be done for good! (No more shows or albums.) So keep an eye out for select shows that they will be appearing at this year, because it will be the last time you get to see them live! The line-up for the final shows will be Vincent Crowley (Vocals/Bass), Art Taylor (Guitar), Eric Stewart (Guitar) and Scott Pletcher (Drums). Promoters interested in booking ACHERON for their THE LAST RITES (Farewell Shows) 2010, contact us on MYSPACE or at”

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