WHITECHAPEL Launch Website Dedicated to Upcoming Album, “A New Era of Corruption”

Metal Blade Records has just launched the new website dedicated to the forthcoming album, A New Era of Corruption, from Knoxville, Tennessee’s WHITECHAPEL. On ANewEraOfCorruption.com fans will be able to view studio videos from the recording process of A New Era of Corruption, a live video of the band in Australia performing at Soundwave Festival 2010, production videos from This is Exile, and a teaser clip for the brand new video for the song ‘The Darkest Day of Man’ filmed earlier this month by famed metal video director David Brodsky of MyGoodEye.

A New Era of Corruption

1. Devolver
2. Breeding Violence
3. The Darkest Day of Man
4. Reprogrammed to Hate
5. End of Flesh
6. Unnerving
7. A Future Corrupt
8. Prayer of Mockery
9. Murder Sermon
10. Nercomechanical
11. Single File to Dehumanization
Bonus Track ‘Animus’

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