And Hell Followed With Define “Proprioception”

Slated for North American release on June 29th, Proprioception is the Earache Records debut of AND HELL FOLLOWED WITH. Filled with incredible displays of technical prowess over memorable songs that are reminiscent of old school death metal giants like DEICIDE. However, unlike most other acts of their ilk, much care has been given to crafting a dark, fully formed story that ties all of the songs together. According to vocalist, Nick Holland:

“Following a dark story of gruesome imagery and gothic thematics, “Proprioception” is a telling of despair and misery in the loss of one girl’s hope in herself and the world around. Battling horrific images in her head throughout the progression of a severe drug addiction, said protagonist battles her own sanity and morality. The first three quarters of the album are each of her visions, each becoming more gruesome then the last while simultaneously becoming more and more realistic.

When her last vision pertains to most contemporary human loss of compassion and care, she battles morality and logic as she struggles to find a reason to live. The last quarter of the album deals with the human desire to possess reason and meaning in existence and the sometimes seemingly illogical decision to carry on in what can appear to be a futile up-hill battle.

The word ‘Proprioception‘ means that the particles in the brain, without cognizant process, can understand(in more of a sense of programming then conscious thought) their relative positioning and worth/meaning in the universe around due to their comprehension of said programming(with or without a theological explanation of origin). The word reflects our desire to search for and understand our meaning and place in the world, even down to the smallest particles in our body possessing this desire.

“Proprioception” is a story of battling hopelessness in the struggle for meaning, a struggle that we all have or will endure in our lives.


Quite a mouthful, huh?”

AND HELL FOLLOWED WITH are releasing their Josh Wichman-produced EARACHE debut, Proprioception (featuring art by GODMACHINE) in North America on June 29.

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