SMN Exclusive: Attila Party Death Metal Road Blog #1

SMNnews is proud to start hosting the official road blog of party death metallers ATTILA. Currently on the road with DROP DEAD GORGEOUS, SKY EATS AIRPLANE, and MOTIONLESS IN WHITE, their unique brand of dirty metal and scummy insight will plague SMN over the course of the next 5 weeks (perhaps longer…).

Fronz from ATTILA kicks off Blog #1:

Hey, we’re Attila, a party death metal band from Atlanta.  SMN News was rad enough to let us write this blog while we’re on tour with Drop Dead Gorgeous, Sky Eats Airplane and Motionless In White.  We cut the bullshit and have fun so expect the unexpected with our tour updates from the road.  Alright, so here is the first of many ATTILA tour blogs.  This past weekend was pretty intense, my memory is pretty vague, but I remember the main parts.  Our show in Raleigh, NC sold out.  Probably one of the most intense crowds of the tour so far.  I announced that it was “stage-dive Friday” and the crowd wasted no time, jumping one after another, landing on copious amounts of underage girls, lol.  We went to a big party afterwards, I don’t remember anything from then on except that someone as doing “fire-spinning” stuff, and momentarily caught himself on fire (always wanted to see that!)  Saturday was a packed show also.  Some pornstar was interviewing the bands, except she didn’t interview us.  It was probably in her best interest hahaha.  Fuck.

–  Fronz

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