Our Last Night – We Will All Evolve

In a stylistic point of view, OUR LAST NIGHT is an important piece in the future of metalcore.  Seriously, their latest Epitaph Records release We Will All Evolve is one of the most exciting releases of the year so far (and so far the catchiest), and these New Hampshire lads show a ton of potential!  OUR LAST NIGHT really represents what I love about music – their music acts like a soundtrack to life, where every step of the way they tell you to keep your head up, and live life to its fullest, no matter what.  The band blends metalcore, screamo, and rock, and they also add some progressive metal elements to the mix, spicing up their undeniable sound.  Yes, they do have a lot of high pitched emo-sounding vocals in their choruses, and sometimes their verses, but I’ll say right now that OUR LAST NIGHT makes it work.  Honestly, I’m such a sucker sometimes for this type of sound if it’s done right, and We Will All Evolve is a CD that hasn’t left my car since it first went in.  Truth be told, We Will All Evolve is a lot heavier than I thought at first – a LOT heavier.  It’s one of those CDs that instantly hooks you, instantly catches you singing along, and instantly pulls your heart’s strings, letting you take a fresh breath of air, and look forward to the good moments to come in your future.

OUR LAST NIGHT gets right to business with “Elephants”, introducing us to the sound and fashion that is OUR LAST NIGHT.  The song starts out with an Underoath type of groove that smoothly moves into some pounding distortion.  “Elephants” as a whole is pretty upbeat.  About midpoint, OUR LAST NIGHT shows us just how monstrous their guitar tones can get [2:08], and wow you’ve got to dig those riffs.  I mean, right away from the first song, you can just tell that this band is offering something special.

“The Air I Breathe” shows OUR LAST NIGHT at their catchiest, and this song plays as an instant hit single.  Lyrically, the song is about how no matter what disappointments might arise in life, sometimes we forget how lucky we are to be breathing the air we breathe right now.  There are plenty of people out there that have way less than you.  OUR LAST NIGHT really strikes this point across the listener in such an open and memorable way.  The song begins with a heartwarming piano melody that soon bursts into soaring melody matched up with stomping distortion blasts in the verses with an upbeat fashion.  It’s the sing-a-long chorus that will catch you each time!  Guitarist / vocalist Matt Wentworth really has his shit down with such memorable hooks and an incredible vocal range, as his vocal partner in crime Trevor Wentworth lays down the law with such a command on the screaming side of things.  The bridge is killer and so in-your-face in every which way.  I’ll say it again, those guitar tones are monstrous, and these dudes sure know how to riff!  “The Air I Breathe” just may be the song of the year.

The band really shows how they can build up a song with “Deceiver”.  They keep that same verse, chorus, verse song structure, but seriously, these guys have excellent song writing skills.   The intro melody alone that is soon joined by an arsenal of chugging and dissonance, and from there on out, the band opens “Deceiver” with such colors.  From the catchy chorus, big time melodies, and the song progression itself makes “Deceiver” such a great listen.  The message itself is great.  To simply put it, if something isn’t really working out, then move along and find something better.  That is “Deceiver”.

Closing with the title track, “We Will All Evolve”, the song definitely unleashes OUR LAST NIGHT at their heaviest, and their most progressive.  Get in the pit for this one.  The verses unleash some crushing technicality, and once again, OUR LAST NIGHT gets you singing along with them in the chorus – surprise, surprise.  By the time the breakdowns come, like for real, I even hear some Gojira influence with the staccato breakdown and open highs, which is always something I can get into.  OUR LAST NIGHT ends on such a strong note in “We Will All Evolve”, but they make sure to let you know that the night isn’t over yet.  To be continued…

Even like the band says in their lyrics on “We Will All Evolve”, “there’s still progress to be made”, it’s a great forward thinking thought that all bands should have, and I cannot wait to see how they evolve next.  It all seems to come so naturally to them, and seriously, when did metalcore albums get so catchy?  OUR LAST NIGHT is a band who’s going to be on the fast track for the years to come.  Releasing one of the best albums so far in 2010, the Vans Warped Tour for them right around the corner (this June), these guys are about to be amongst the top in the scene – top, meaning popularity, since I already see the band at the top, especially with this release.  With this much heart in the music, you can tell the guys went all out as if it were our last night in the moment, but again, the night isn’t over, because this is where you take control and make the sparks fly.  You can just tell that is how dedicated to their music the band is, and how OUR LAST NIGHT will go at it for the days to come.  Their future will be big, trust me, and go buy this now!!

Rating: 9.5 / 10
Label: Epitaph Records
Website: http://www.myspace.com/ourlastnight

By Alex Gilbert

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