Molly Hatchet – Justice

Everyone’s gotta love some MOLLY HATCHET, amirite?  I mean, you can’t deny the roots!  The legendary southern rock / metal band is back with their latest, Justice, and let me tell you, they still got the juice.  From the bluesy bends to the downright undeniable southern riffs, this release let’s you take a fresh breath of air and say, “Ahhhhh, MOLLY HATCHET is back.”

The album opener “Been to Heaven, been to Hell” makes me feel like I’m taking a road trip down south, and ready to do it in one long drive with the fresh and new MOLLY HATCHET blaring out my windows.  The band proves right from the beginning of Justice that they are still bad to the bone, and that they’ve still got the anthem driven fire within them!  “Been to Heaven, been to Hell” is an easily accessible song that’s bound to get you tapping your feet, and bound to get that energy in you flowing.  The synth driven intro of “Deep Water” shows an epic MOLLY HATCHET, and I like it!  This is the band at their most metal on Justice, and both the metal guitar harmonizing and the mean distortion is monstrous!  And those hooks??  Geez louise, this track is on fire.  Woah, oh, survival of the fittestMOLLY HATCHET is surely surviving still.  Other songs on Justice do its justice like “In The Darkness Of The Night” and “Tomorrows And Forevers” bring a fury, and I’ll say it again, MOLLY HATCHET is stepping into the epic side on this release.  I mean, if you think about it, a lot of the classic bands we all know from back in the days are at least changing just a little to adapt with this modern age, whether this is adding in one little part here or there.  MOLLY HATCHET does indeed pull it off alright.  There is no question that this is the same MOLLY HATCHET sound, and there is no question that Justice is a solid release.

Justice is a great example of how a legendary band still got game.  I’m sure at a MOLLY HATCHET concert that these songs will fit perfectly in their setlist, without the uncertainty or the get-this-over-with-and-give-me-the-classics, songs.  Big cheers to the guys for keeping this going, and I’ve definitely got my MOLLY HATCHET back in the loop!

Rating: 8 / 10
Label: SPV / Steamhammer

Written by: Alex Gilbert

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