Emo the New Hair Metal?

Metal Hammer has brought up the distinct comparisons between emo being the hair metal. Valid assumption? Another blog looking for some clicks?

An excerpt is below, click the link above for the full story:

In the 80s, metal heads – true metal heads – hated hair metal, glam, sleaze and all it stood for; which wasn’t much of any substance – drugs, girls and looking good, all the trappings of narcissism and hedonism. While bands like Britny Fox and Pretty Boy Floyd sang about the ‘Girlschool’ and the ‘Gangster Of Love’ Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Iron Maiden were singing about war, the occult and society. Hair metal borrowed much of what metal had found for itself – from the music to the fashion – and appropriated it for millions of ‘rock tourists’ who needed something to pose to. A generation of metallers hated their younger brother, the skinny androgynous air-head sibling with lipstick on.

Likewise 25 years on hardcore, punk and metal created a monster. This time it was emo. The story of ‘emotional hardcore’ is much told, and remains as convoluted and contentious in its detail as that of hair metal (for whom we can variously blame Van Halen and/or Motley Crue and/or Aerosmith and so on…). Emo filled the same gap that hair metal did in the late 80s: deemed cool by the cooler end of the mainstream – ie: not very. While its lyrics are less about sex, drugs and partying, the sentiments of emo feel just as hollow and certainly vicarious: ‘I’m sad’, ‘misunderstood’, ‘things are bad (I hear)’ etc etc. But the music speaks to the X generation kids (you will be, as many of us at Hammer are) who, with their liberal parents of the 60s, had to strive harder to self-define and rebel: ‘a lip piercing? That’s cool son’.

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