DIRGE WITHIN: Announces New Drummer

DIRGE WITHIN has announced the departure of drummer Jimmy Knight, and the arrival of Frankie Harchut (ex-The Doomsday Catalyst) to the band:

Myself, and the rest of the guys in Dirge Within are very happy to announce Frankie Harchut (ex-The Doomsday Catalyst) as our new drummer!  I have known Frankie for about 10 years, and performed alongside him in previous bands.  So I know his talent as a musician, and performer firsthand.  Even though Jimmy will be missed, I couldn’t think of anyone better to fill the void than this guy.  He is a perfect fit with the DW both in talent, and personality.  We are stoked to see what the future brings, and can’t wait to get back out on the road, and tear shit up with Frankie on the skins!  His first show as a member of Dirge Within will be May 15th at Austin’s in Libertyville, IL. with Lacuna Coil.  So come on out, and welcome Frankie to the party!

A note from former drummer Jimmy Knight reads as follows:

After a few great years, many amazing shows and memories, I have made the tough decision to leave the band to pursue other career opportunities.  I want to thank all the fans who supported the band over the years as well as all the new fans who are just hearing of Dirge Within, You are all true fans and it was a great feeling that you dug our music,  Thank you again.  I’d also like to thank Scott from E1 Entertainment, Justin and Darren from 5 B Artist Management and my friends in the band, Jerms, Shaun, Matt and James.  You guys are my brothers.  I wish nothing but success and happiness for Dirge Within. Good luck and take care all, and cheers!!

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