GOD FORBID: Dallas Coyle Teaming Up with Anand Bhatt of Anand Clique

GOD FORBID’s Dallas Coyle is reportedly teaming up with Indian metal star Anand Bhatt of ANAND CLIQUE for a new single release. This past awards season ANAND CLIQUE was on the first round Grammy ballot for “Best Metal Performance.”  Both Dallas Coyle and Anand Bhatt have new solo projects emerging this year as well.

Under a veil of self-importance, Bhatt goes on to blast the US metal scene by adding, “The lack of metal awareness in the U.S. is sad.  There was one point at this years Grammy Awards where I was standing there with Dave Mustaine and realized that Megadeth and Anand Clique were the only heavy bands to show up and represent our genre.”

Judge how “metal” and “heavy” this band is with this truly awful video:

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