2Cents – Adam O’Rourke (vocals/drums)

2CENTS just kicked off their opening slot on the Korn headlined Jagermeister Tour. The band hails from the San Diego area, and they just released an album called Dress to Kill. Some SMNnews readers might recognize guitarist Adair Cobley from his days in Manntis, a metalcore band that appeared on MTV’s Battle for Ozzfest reality show in 2004. SMNnews spoke with Adam O’Rourke, 2Cents’ drummer/singer about their tour and new album.

When your publicist sent me your press info, I have to admit, your album cover stood out! It immediately told me that the band was into having a good time. Did you grow up on ‘80s hard rock and metal?

I always was into everything but without a doubt punk rock shaped who I am and my philosiphy of how to approach creating and playing music.

I hadn’t heard of you till I got that email pitch, yet you are on tour with Korn right now. How did you land that slot? That’s gotta be a huge break for you guys at this point.

Absolutely. We couldnt be more grateful. Getting to play for that many people every night is an opportunity other bands would kill for.

Dress to Kill has a lot of cool groove parts on it. It seems like the songs were made with your live show in mind.

100% We are very much about the live show. That is what we live for.

Tell us about the song “Get What?” What inspired it, and why did you choose it as the single for the album?

It in inspired by Los Angeles and societies infatuation with instant gratification. We felt it captured the vibe of the band and was a good song to introduce people to us.

“Deeply, Madly” has a Pantera “This Love” kind of feel in the lyrics. What is based on a true story?

Its based on having a relationship with someone that only revolves around satisfying primal urges. Its about addiction, lust, depravity and lunacy. It is based on events in my life and places I have gone inside my own mind.

Which song on Dress to Kill came the easiest to write?

Not sure, They all come about in different ways.

I read that you were part of Warped Tour in the past. You seem a bit heavy for that crowd. How do you rate the experience now?

That was quite some time ago. In 2003. We were under the name 2Cents but it was a different line up with a different vibe.

How has the Southern California music scene treated the band? It seems like it’s as competitive as ever.

We are pretty much a non event in So Cal. You have to be operating on a high profile level to get people to pay attention there. Its almost the last castle you conquer.

You must come across a lot of local bands out on the road. Are there any up and coming bands that SMNnews readers should keep an eye out for?

Terraplane Sun is unreal. Cool blues folk vibe. Boy Hits Car owns! Go online and check them out. Also keep an eye out for a band called Pussy Locker.


Which city has the best groupies? We hear the Midwest is great for that!

The hunting is good everywhere brother

Thanks for doing the interview! Do you have any parting words for us?

Buy our cds and shirts so I can move out of my moms house. Rock It!

Check out 2Cents at their MySpace page and pick up Dress to Kill here.

By Christian A.

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