AND HELL FOLLOWED WITH: Album Artwork = Naked Chick With Guts Falling Out

Detroit’s heaviest deathcore act, AND HELL FOLLOWED WITH are betting that the distinct album art (created by the famed UK artist, Godmachine) for their upcoming EARACHE debut, Proprioception will be catching a lot of attention right from start.

Says guitarist Kyle McIlmurray.

“What better than a naked chick with her guts falling out?” “The first thing a person sees is the album face. It’s super important to have something that can catch an eye. The album’s concept basically revolves around a girl and the downfall of her sanity whilst seeing some of the corruption in the world today. We chose Godmachine because of his INCREDIBLE talent with illustration and ability to work with a concept. When we got the final print of the album artwork we all literally jumped around the van (we were on tour at the time) screaming at how sick it was. Pretty goofy how we get so worked up on those kinds of things, but it was 10 times better than we had hoped for.”

Take a look at the amazing cover of Proprioception.

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