AND HELL FOLLOWED WITH: Sung in the Choir?

Detroit deathcore act, AND HELL FOLLOWED WITH might be playing some of the heaviest, most hellish songs this side of OCEANO, but there was a time when their sounds rang a bit more angelic. While their truly furious brand of motor city slaughter was still but a twinkle in their eyes, vocalist, Nick Holland and guitarist, Kyle McIlmurray were part of the choir during their high school years. Kyle recounts those formative experiences:

“Nick and I were a part of high school choir — honestly some of the best times of our lives. We were always known as the obnoxious metal guys who would always be the first to take their pants off and run around the room. Aside from that, we were looked up to as leaders from our underclassmen and actually developed a lot of incredible relationships with some very amazing people. Our choir instructor is basically the person who formed us as adults (or whatever little we may be). Choir definitely helped us as musicians with better music theory to rhythmic dictation, all the way to annunciation and lyricism. Nick and I were also theater geeks in high school.. We were in just about every musical. This honestly gave us the reputation of “the loud guys who play in the band” with a lot of our schoolmates. We basically gained a lot of support from our choir mates and classmates — probably people who would never support the style of music to begin with. It definitely contributed to the younger years of our band’s career, back when we were playing in a garage.”

Those choir years were essential to Nick Holland’s outstanding live vocal technique in which he hits high pitched screeches and rumbling growls at the same time, without the aid of vocal effects.

Catch them on these dates:


May 21 – Phoenix, Arizona @ Old World Brewery
May 22 – Newport Beach, California @ Hogue Barmichael’s
May 23 – Canoga Park, California @ The Cobalt Cafe
May 24 – Oxnard, California @ The Cabana Hall
May 25 – Orangevale, California @ The Boardwalk
May 26 – Bend, Oregon @ The Domino Room
May 27 – Portland, Oregon @ The Satyricon
May 28 – Spokane, Washington @ The Cretin Top
May 29 – Garden City, Idaho @ Brawl Studio
May 30 – Salt Lake City, Utah @ Club Sound
June 1 – Riverton, Wyoming @ F.E.O.
June 2 – Wichita, Kansas @ The Oz Cafe
June 3 – Clarksville, Tennessee @ The Coup
June 4 – Harlan, Kentucky @ Harlan National Guard Armory
June 5 – Columbus, Georgia @ Gallery 13
June 6 – Loganville, Georgia @ The Movement Venue
June 7 – Pensacola, Florida @ American Legion Post 33
June 8 – Metairie, Louisiana @ The High Ground
June 9 – Houston, Texas @ The Warsaw
June 10 – McAllen, Texas @ Nikki Rowe VFW
June 11 – San Antonio, Texas @ The White Rabbit
June 12 – Dallas, Texas @ Fat Daddy’s
June 13 – Albuquerque, New Mexico @ The Compound (no AHFW)
June 14 – Las Vegas, Nevada @ The Farm (KOTA & BTM Only)

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