IN THE MIDST OF LIONS: Speak Up About “The Heart of Man”

Facedown Records IN THE MIDST OF LIONS are in the recording studio with Jamie King working on their Facedown debut The Heart of Man.  The band is excited to debut some of the new songs on this summer’s Scream the Prayer TourIN THE MIDST OF LIONSs vocalist Matt Janssen says the band feels blessed to be able to record with Jamie adding “He’s very knowledgeable about everything he does and incredible at it.  The album is coming together well, we have already tracked drums and we’re about to start tracking guitar.”

When asked about the concept behind The Heart of Man, Janssen noted that it’s a 3 part concept: “The tendency of corruption in man’s heart, the consequence of that corruption, and the transformation man must go through with God to get his heart past the corruption.”

The Heart of Man makes its debut in August 2010.

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