Free Canadian Metal Compilation: The True North Loud and Free

Year of the Sun Records has partnered with Galy Records, Diminished Fifth Records, and CDN Records for the release of The True North Loud and Free digital album. The free 16 track compilation features some of Canada’s best underground metal acts from some of Canada’s strongest metal labels. The compilation is being offered as a free download online at this location.

It features Neuraxis, Derelict, The Last Felony, Starring Janet Leigh, Odium, Bloodshoteye, Rusted Dawn, Endast and more.

The True North Loud and Free Track Listing:

1. Derelict – “Summoning The Firestorm”
2. Neuraxis – “The Apex” (Live)
3. Bloodshoteye – “Killing Time”
4. Odium – “The Frailty”
5. We the Undersigned – “Pangaea Mind”
6. Starring Janet Leigh – “Ex You”
7. The Last Felony – “Quandary”
8. Misguided Aggression – “Mustard Gas and Roses”
9. Reanimator – “Standards of Failure”
10. Rusted Dawn – “Where Turns the Tide”
11. Deadwalk – “Conqueror”
12. Vatican – “Dysangile”
13. Thy Flesh Consumed – “Devout Heathen”
14. Drudgery – “The Uprising” (Previously Unreleased)
15. The Daisy Anthesis – “m.m.b.m.m.b.”
16. Endast – “Pray For Rain”

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