Great White Singer Gone Nuts???

Great White frontman Jack Russell has just done an interview with a Philadelphia radio station – and it gets very odd.

He’s on 94 WYSP to promote the band’s upcoming show in the city on Friday, May 14. Things go along reasonably well for about 10 minutes. And then as DJ Spike gets ready to wrap everything up by giving out the gig details, Russell suddenly asks: “Are we in town that night? Is the band going to be there?”

It gets even weirder when Russell, realizing that Great White are indeed playing, adds: “Good, I want to see them play.”  By this point, the hapless DJ has no clue what’s going on, and when Russell finishes it all off by saying, “It’s shame they’re not playing in Philadelphia. I guess I’ll miss them,” he had no choice but to hastily end the interview!

Was Russell playing a surreal joke, or was he genuinely ‘distressed’? Hear for yourself.

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