Deathwish Inc/Malfunction Post Free Digital Sampler Featuring Exclusive Content

Deathwish Inc/Malfunction along with Six Feet Under Records have just unleashed “MMIX“, their most ambitious and  FREE Digital sampler to date.

“MMIX” features 19 songs (15 unreleased) and 2 behind the scenes videos from some of the most anticipated hardcore/punk/metal releases of the 2009. Many of these songs/videos have never heard/seen before by anyone, anywhere before.

Check out the back cover art for a special discount in the DW Estore, valid thru the month of March!

1. In The Shadow Of God – The Hope Conspiracy
2. Chambered – Narrows
3. Nightcrawlers – Lewd Acts
4. Last Wave – Coliseum
5. Breaking Out – Victims
6. Slipping Away – Reign Supreme
7. Flesh and Below – Trap Them
8. Lies – Nails
9. Coyotenia – Rot in Hell
10. Divide – Mother of Mercy
11. Spirals – Carpathian
12. Forever Is Destroyed – 108
13. Culture – Ressurection
14. Walter Miller Jr. – End of a Year
15. Do You Like To Slam Dance? – Doomriders
16. Bloodwolves – Pulling Teeth
17. Learn To Love The Lie – Integrity
18. Bitter Cold – Supermachiner
19. Heavy Blood (Empty Version) – J. Bannon



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