Throwing the Horns: What Exactly Does It Mean?

Since the passing of legend Ronnie James Dio over the weekend, curiosity has been piqued by the general public as to what the ‘horns’ actually mean.

  • In the 1960s, there had been COVEN frontman Jinx Dawson, and the cartoon version of John Lennon on the cover of THE BEATLES‘ Yellow Submarine seen using it.
  • DIO explained that he was taught the so-called corna sign by his Italian grandmother, as a way to scare off the “evil eye”, a look which is said to cause bad luck.
  • DIO’s using it at shows in the 70’s then caused it to take off in the metal/rock scene…some 20+ years later and imposters like Rihanna and Avril Lavigne ruining for all tr00 metal fans worldwide.
  • The slogan of the University of Texas is “Hook ‘em, horns”

  • It is the American deaf sign for ‘I love you’
  • Without the index finger, it is known as the ’shaka’ or “hi”, “cool”, and “hang loose”

A full editorial piece can be found on the horns over at the BBC.

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