Heavy Metal Shows Banned in Russian City

A Russian city has banned heavy metal gigs in a bid to save the city’s youth, according to Russian media.

The West Russia city of Belgorod took the action under the orders of Governor Evgenie Savchenko, who wanted to “promote the suppression of satanic activity,” reports Russia-Infocentre.

The head of the Consumer Market Department of Belgorod, who enacted the request — banning heavy metal performances in cafés, cubs and restaurants — apparently said that he did not know much about the music but acted on behalf of Savchenko to ensure “maintenance of spiritual safety of the Belgorod region.”

Officials of the Regional Department of Education, Culture and Youth Policy of Belgorod, however, have said that Savchenko merely asked the region to pay closer attention to unruly youth practices.

Remember when LAMB OF GOD were banned from The Forum in LA?

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