Gama Bomb Check In from Exodus Tour

Irish thrashers GAMA BOMB have been out on the road for the past couple of weeks with two of the biggest names in thrash, OVERKILL and EXODUS.

As the tour nears its end, GAMA BOMB frontman Philly Byrne comments on the adventure:

“Hello from the gutter!  Our feet haven’t touched the ground since this tour started: we spent last night trading Irish jokes with Bobby Blitz and drinking with Exodus while the barmaids free-poured Irish whiskey for us, and that’s pretty much what every night’s been like.  Though it’s a short tour, Killfest is one of the best packages to hit the road in years: Overkill, Exodus and Torture Squad have been ripping every night and we’ve seen some of the biggest bangers in Europe come out to see us.

“It’s a great learning experience to watch such legends in close quarters and to get to hang out with them.  When we get home we’re going to be five times the band we were when we left; we’re writing lyrics and riffs on the road and will have some new material ready when we get back.  That is, if these guys don’t drink us to death before then.”

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