THE GHOST INSIDE: To Partner Up with Max Bruso of Bury Your Dead

Los Angeles based THE GHOST INSIDE are readying their new album The Returners for a June 8th release on Mediaskare Records.

The new album features guest vocals from Brendan Foley of Betrayal, Tommy Green of Sleeping Giant and Mat Bruso (ex-Bury Your Dead).

Speaking on the spots vocalist Jonathan Vigil revealed:

Well, were good friends with the band Betrayal and we all really like Brendan’s voice and we asked him and he was down to do it. Basically, it’s the same thing with Tommy from Sleeping Giant, except we specifically wanted him for the song “The Conflict” because of what the song is about and how it deals with the two sides of Christianity in the hardcore scene. Lastly, Shane (Frisby) who produced our record is really good friends with Mat Bruso and he called in a favor. Mat poured Coca-Cola all over himself in the vocal booth. It was awesome.

Every single song on the new record has the explanation to the song in the lyric book, so kids will know what each song is about. The first album I ever saw with that on was Throwdown’s “You Don’t Have To Be Blood To Be Family” and I always respected them and those songs so much more knowing exactly what he was saying and what I was singing along to.

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