Grill ‘Em All Truck: Heavy Metal Burgers Come to New York City

The LA based heavy metal themed gourmet burger truck, Grill ‘Em All (at is coming to New York City, this Saturday.

It’s been under the radar but the guys have been participating in reality show that has pitted a number of food trucks against each other. 7 trucks started in San Diego and have been moving East.  In each city they start fresh with nothing in their trucks except certain spices and random things production allows. It is up to the truck to figure out where to find fresh meat, buns, and toppings for their burgers. The truck who makes the least amount of profit at the end of the weekend has to make the shameful (and long) trek back to Los Angeles. In each town 1 truck is eliminated.

NYC is the final battle to determine the top food truck in the USA – so go support meat and…heavy metal. The Grill ‘Em All guys wont be given time and location until this Friday. Stay Tuned.

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