And Hell Followed With – Kyle Mcilmurray (guitar)

Recently, I got the chance to speak with AND HELL FOLLOWED WITH guitarist Kyle McIlmurray.  Check it out as he gives us a run through of the latest happenings.

Alex Gilbert (SMNnews): First off, I’ve got to say, it’s always cool to speak to a fellow Michigander.  You dudes are currently out on tour with Knights Of The Abyss, Burning The Masses, and Those Who Lie Beneath.  How’s the trek been thus far?  Any crazy storys?

Kyle McIlmurray (AND HELL FOLLOWED WITH – guitar): It’s been awesome! The shows are pulling good draws and we’re doing the best we have!  The first night of the tour we had a pow-wow full of drunken stupor in Phoenix.. Lots of man dick.

Alex: Still on the touring subject, you guys have been on the road a lot lately, which is always something great to see from a hard working band.  When the tour routes through Michigan, is there still no place like home?

Kyle: Absolutely. No place indeed!

Alex: I must say, the band name AND HELL FOLLOWED WITH is pretty killer, and did peak my curiosity before hearing your music.  I know this is a pretty generic question, but how did your band name come about?

Kyle: The name is derived from a Johnny Cash song which is quoting a scripture from the Bible. NO!! We are NOT a Christian band.

Alex: On your latest Earache Records release, Proprioception, you’ve really expanded your musicianship from your previous release, Domain.  Still you guys have stuck to your guns and kept things heavy as fuck.  Can you walk me through your songwriting process?

Kyle: The song writing generally begins with riffs tabbed onto TabIT.. Then those are sent to our drummer and he puts down some beats. Then we take it to the practice spot!

Alex: Proprioception has a great balance of both deathcore and elements of death metal, making for a sound that is ultimately heavy.  Regardless of sound, this stuff is energetic, and really gets you moving.  The moshes at your shows must be pretty good.  How does it feel delivering the power to the fans and those who might have never heard of AND HELL FOLLOWED WITH yet?

Kyle: Its one of our most favorite parts of performing, honestly. There’s nothing better then hearing “you guys are the heaviest, most pissed off band I’ve ever seen!”

Alex: The album’s a pretty brutal offering from beginning to end.  What are some of your favorite songs off of Proprioception?

Kyle: Definitely A Welcomed Displeasure, One of the Swarm, and Those Now Sleep Forever.

Alex: When composing, who would be some of your main influences, either musical or not?

Kyle: Honestly anything aside from metal. Its important to listen to other genres to create something unique.  Lots of Jazz, Progressive, Classical style music.

Alex: Here’s a fun and tricky question.  If you were to create a killer tour, who would be on it?

Kyle: SlipKnot, Korn, Deftones, Despised Icon, and AHFW 🙂

Alex: Another fun question!  What are some of your guiltiest pleasures that one wouldn’t expect to see on your iPod?

Kyle: Four Year Strong, Sia, Circa Survive, Brand New, City and Colour.

Alex: You’ve got a great team behind you with Earache Records, and your new album Proprioception is bound to keep building attention.  How does the future look for AND HELL FOLLOWED WITH?

Kyle: Bright and positive. 🙂  We have a great lineup right now with a bad ass line of people behind us. We’re more then stoked!

Alex: Any last words?

Kyle: Proprioception.. June 29th! GO GET IT!

Label: Earache Records

By Alex Gilbert

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