ABIGAIL WILLIAMS: Frontman Trashes Ex-keyboardist/Current WINDS OF PLAGUE Member

ABIGAIL WILLIAMS singer-guitarist Ken Sorceron was a guest on TheGauntlet.com podcast on Sunday, June 6th, and he had some stuff to get off his chest. When asked about their ex-keyboardist Alana Potocnik, the frontman lets go on his ex-bandmate. Potocnik had left Abigail Williams in November 2009 and joined Winds of Plague.

Sorceron: Less than 12 hours before we were to fly to Europe for a tour with Arch Enemy, she decided to join a band that she had talked the most sh*t out of any other  band that I have ever known. Her most hated band — in my opinion. She decided to join them.

Interviewer: She said terrible things about Winds of Plague?

Sorceron: Yeah. I don’t give a sh*t — I’m saying it.


Check out the trash talking around the 49 minute mark at this link.

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