Ozzy’s Genes Get Mapped

THE mystery of how rock legend OZZY OSBOURNE survived decades of drug and drink abuse could be finally solved – by mapping his genetic code. 

The hard-living BLACK SABBATH singer, 61, has excited scientists by agreeing to become one of the first humans to have the £27,000 hi-tech test.


They hope it will reveal why he got away with antics that would kill most people.

In addition to punishing his body with booze and drug binges, Ozzy:

SNORTED a line of ants, BIT the head off a bat and a dove and BROKE his neck in a quad-bike accident.

The wildman says he has “chased people with shotguns and driven Range Rovers over viaducts and come out without a scratch”.

At the peak of his alcoholism in 1989 he even tried to strangle his wife, former X Factor judge SHARON, 57.

Despite his excesses, they have been married 30 years and have three grown-up kids. Ozzy claims he no longer smokes or drinks.

Nathan Pearson, of US company Knome, which will map Ozzy’s genome using a blood sample, said: “Analysing individuals with extreme medical histories has great potential scientific value.”

KEITH RICHARDS, RONNIE WOOD and IGGY POP – please form a queue.

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