Airbourne – No Guts. No Glory

Aussie rockers AIRBOURNE are undeniably and forever linked to sounding like AC/DC. They are neither ashamed or offended by the comparisons. A big dose of ROSE TATTOO is in the band’s arsenal, too. They play dirty, party rock ‘n’ roll that will keep you thumping and head-banging aplenty.

On their sophomore release, No Guts. No Glory, the brothers O’Keef — Joel (lead vocals/lead guitar) and Ryan (drums) — David Roads (rhythm guitar/backup vocals) and Justin Street (bass/backing vocals) bring their passion and energy to the table. It’s a slight step down from their brilliant debut, Runnin’ Wild, but it does contain some good rockers.

Clichéd lyrics and overt sexual innuendos about booze and broads is
exactly what we’ve come to expect from AIRBOURNE. No Guts … is full of good
fist-pumping anthems, catchy choruses, raucous riffs and sleazy-sounding songs.

Electric bluesy rocker “Blonde, Bad and Beautiful,” with its ultra
catchy chorus, is what Airbourne does best. “Raise The Flag”
surprisingly, has a Mötley Crüe rawness to it. “Chewin’ The Fat” has a
great riff and lightning-fast lead guitar work. “Ain’t Over Till It’s
Over” is one of their most original efforts. However,
by track 6, “White Line Fever,” you’re almost convinced that this is a new
AC/DC album, and that’s where AIRBOURNE’s novelty wears thin.

With 13 songs and 45-plus minutes, No Guts. No Glory seems to drag a
bit toward the middle and sounds a little same ol’, same ol’. The
band plays well, and the production is loud and ballsy.

AIRBOURNE aren’t inventing the wheel here. No Guts. No Glory is like
buying a used car: You know someone owned it before you, but you’re
happy with it just the same.

By Kelley Simms

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