Evergrey Atlanta Postponed!!!

Evergrey Atlanta Show: Postponed

Due to unforeseen logistical issues, the Evergrey show scheduled for March 12 in Atlanta has been postponed until Friday, May 29th.
Both the band and HoS Productions have explored all options in an attempt to salvage the situation.
However, it was simply impossible given the constraints of the issues involved that normally are not an issue.
We deeply apologize for the inconvenience and frustration regarding the show as everyone involved was looking forward to the special show that was planned.

Tickets purchased for the original date will be honored at the later date or refundable via Ticket Alternative.

HoS Productions & Evergrey are asking those fans that had purchased flights for the show to contact Glenn at glenn@progpowerusa.com as details are in place to offer something both unique and financially beneficial to offset the cost of your flights.

Evergrey Announcement

We are so fucking sorry for not being able to play, but the rules of USA’s immigration prevents us from doing so. Normally this has never been a problem as the paperwork has always been swift enough, but now, for some reason we have yet to be approved.

Even more frustrating (if possible) is that we will be there , in Atlanta but not be able to perform, We have all our shit with us and everything as we are also going to Mexico BUT WE CANT PLAY: We are so terribly sorry for this, as we are not and have never been a band that cancels, anything. However this is out of our hands… we are looking to make this up by returning in May to perform for you guys and also try to fit some more gigs in there.

(We have lost a major amount of money due to connecting flights to Mexico that are already bought and payed for and the petitions we still have to pay even though we aren’t even approved!)

But at the same time of course understand and appreciate that some our fans loss are hitting them harder. Once again we are as sorry as we can be, but we are a band of our word and will return to compensate, in one way or another.
For those of you who are interested we can share the same bench out in a park somewhere before our flight to Mexico takes off on the 13th… Drowning our sorrows in imagnary beers…

So send all hate and threats to


or tom@evergrey.net

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