Low Down CD Release Party – March 7th 2009 Review

Sinners Blues Flyer

Well the show went extremely well and all the bands on stage kicked major butt.. Ms May Sweet Melissa (Hell Yeah Calendar Girl) and ODM (an intern from Project 96.1) introduced the first band Black Heart Militia.. BHM played hard and got the crowd into a rousing mood.. The second band on stage was Southern Mental Illness (aka S.M.I.) and they blasted their set with pure metal music..

Before Low Down took the stage, Sweet Melissa and ODM got back on state and give the crowd a boobie show, with the crowd getting a flash of ODM and another guy’s MOOBS.. I then got up and did the T-shirt giveaway, I asked the crowd who had bought the Low Down CD Sinner Blues, what the 6th track of it was.. A girl next to the stage got the answer: Passage Of The Crow, and got the T-shirt.. I introduced the band and exited stage left..

Low Down took the stage and blasted out their tunes to the fans, and at the end of their set they finished off with a cover of AC/DC’s Hell Bells.. Trap County ended off the night with the hardcore fans with a short set before the venue had to close..

All in all, a very good concert and release party.. I would like to thank Di from All Or Nothing Tattoo studio, Brett from Low Down, S.M.I., Black Heart Militia, Trap County, and Low Down’s roadies for a great night.. If you want to see the photos taken during the release party, head over to the gallery for the photos..

Brett from Low Down is planning to putting together a “Metal Family” show in the near future, keep and eye out for that information, and also remember S.M.I. and Low Down are bands played on Braingell Unsigned – which airs Sunday at 5pm PST every week on Braingell.com

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  1. Nice review Ivan!! Sounds like it was a fun time!! You didn’t show your MOOBS?? 😉 I will definitely check out the pics next…Thanx~ \m/ \m/

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