Glyder – Yesterday Today and Tomorrow

Irish rockers GLYDER have been proving themselves since their stunning 2004 performance at the annual Phil Lynott tribute show in Dublin. They have that THIN LIZZY spirit, but with a distinct edginess that gives them a distinguishable and unique sound. Their classic rock influences blends well with their modern sound. They are not too far from what fellow countrymen THE ANSWER has achieved, but what LED ZEPPELIN is to THE ANSWER, THIN LIZZY is to GLYDER.

On their third release, Yesterday Today and Tomorrow, the four-piece bring a soulful essence to a true classic rock sound. Their twin guitar attack, melodic harmonies, classic rock groove riffs and catchy choruses is what GLYDER does best.

Opening track “That Line” has a soulful vocal harmony and a guitar groove reminiscent of RORY GALLAGHER, and even MASTERS OF REALITY comes to mind. Next number “Knockout,” is written about the famous 1974 Muhammad Ali fight against George Foreman, dubbed as, “The Rumble in the Jungle.” It has that full-on THIN LIZZY swagger. Bassist/vocalist Tony Cullen doesn’t necessarily sound like Phil, it’s just his delivery and attitude. Guest solo on the title track by veteran ’80s rocker Dave Meniketti of Y&T gives a fine contribution. Coincidence? I think not! “Jack Strong” is another song full of THIN LIZZY gusto. “Innocent Eyes” has a U2 vibe. It’s a very catchy, emotional hooky song with soothing melodies.

This is a great classic rock album that grooves and shakes. GLYDER is on the verge of getting more recognition with this superb new album.

By Kelley Simms

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