VALKYRIE: Baroness Brothers Focus on Side-Project

Virginia-based heavy rock band VALKYRIE will see the release of its sophomore album this July.  The band – driven by brothers Jake and Pete Adams (also of fast-rising rock unit BARONESS) – will release Man of Two Visions on July 6 via MeteorCity Records.

The track listing for VALKYRIE’s Man of Two Visions is as follows:

1. Running Out
2. Dawntide’s Breeze
3. Green Highlander
4. Apocalypse Unsealed
5. False Dreams
6. The Gorge
7. Man of Two Visions

VALKYRIE’s shining sound will find appeal with fans of early Pentagram and classic Judas Priest and Iron Maiden as well as modern day proto-rock practitioners such as Witchcraft and Graveyard.  A taste of what Man of Two Visions holds in store can be sampled now as the new VALKYRIE tracks “False Dreams” and “Dawntide’s Breeze” can be heard now at this location.

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