CAULDRON: Back from Europe, Readying Material for Next Album

Canadian traditional metal act, CAULDRON recently ended their European Chained To The Steel Enforced Suicidal Wings Tour with SUICIDAL ANGELS, ENFORCER and STEELWING and immediately began readying new material for their next album upon their safe return to the great white north.

Frontman, Jason Decay offered this post-tour update where he discusses new material and much more:

“So its been a couple weeks now since we returned from Europe and I figure its time for an update on what’s been going on since our last blog dropped off the face of the internet. I’ve added a summary of the last 3 weeks of the Euro tour to the “CHAINED TO THE STEEL ENFORCED SUICIDAL WINGS” tour blog.

We’ve been busy tweaking the new songs for the next album since we got back. We just did a couple new demos for BREAKING IN and RAPID CITY and also laid down some solos over the weekend for ALL OR NOTHING and FROZEN IN FIRE.  BURNING FORTUNE is the working title for the record so far and we have about 10 songs demoed now. Some of the other new tunes are TEARS HAVE COME,  THE SERPENT SORCERESS and I CONFESS. We’re looking to record hopefully in September and have this out early next year.

We have a few gigs this summer to keep us busy… this Saturday in Ottawa with Flying Fortress at Mavericks. This one should be quite interesting as it will be our first as a four-piece. No, we haven’t got a new member, but I cut a few of my fingers open pretty badly on some broken glass over the weekend and just had them stitched up. I’m not able to hold a pick right now, so rather than cancel the show I’ve asked my old friend Brandon Wars to fill in on bass for the show. Should be fun, I’ve never really done the “lead singer” thing before and I haven’t played with Brandon in over 4 years, so I’m kinda looking forward to this.

We also have a couple TO gigs this summer… August 7th at Sneaky Dee’s with Ash Lee Blade, Flying Fortress and Cop Shades and September 16th at the Wreckroom with RAVEN!”

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