New Band How To Destroy Angels Offering Free Download

Filipino-born, LA-based musician Mariqueen “Queenie” Maandig and ex-Nine Inch Nails lead man, Trent Reznor,  have teamed up together in marriage as well as creating a band called “How To Destroy Angels”.

Trent Reznor, being a huge fan of the band Coil, decided to name this band after one of Coil’s tunes “How To Destroy Angels” with Mariqueen being the lead singer of the group. Not too shabby for her learning to sing via a musical soundtrack of “Miss Saigon” as a little girl.

The album, entitled “How To Destroy Angels”,  will be released on July 6.  The titled tracks are:

  1. The Space In Between
  2. Parasite
  3. Fur-Lined
  4. BBB
  5. The Believers
  6. A Drowning

Check out their website at  There you’ll find a debut 6-track EP as a free download as well as a store link to purchase some t-shirts, stickers, and posters.

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