Jackson Rathbone and “Lords of Chaos”: Murder, Metal, and “Mayhem”

I’ve been watching and I’m seeing quite the stir regarding this movie.  I’ll be honest here and state that I’ve not read any of the books by Didrik Soderlind and Michael Moynihan of which this movie is based on.   I will say, though, that it looks like something I’d probably want to go see.  It has all the right ingredients…murder and metal.

Japanese director Shion (I’ve seen it also spelled ‘Sion’) Sono will be making his debut with his first English language movie. He’s done some really phreaky movies in Japan like “Strange Circus”.   I looked this director up and found this out about “Strange Circus”:  “…filled with incest, sexual abuse, terrible family issues, extreme gore, and a twisted sense of reality.”  If this is any indication of what “Lords of Chaos” will be like then count me in.

The movie is based on true events which occurred around the Norwegian black metal scene in the early 1990s, that set off a wave of murders and church burnings across the country. Now, here’s the rift about all this…  there’s a fuss about “Twilight” star Jackson Rathbone playing the part of Varg Vikernes a.k.a. Count Grishnackh.  Personally, I don’t get it.  I don’t really care too much about who plays Varg because I’d just dig seeing the movie period.

Varg Vikernes, founder of black metal project Burzum, is out on parole as of 2009.  He served 16 years for brutally stabbing his rival Oystein Aarseth, lead guitarist of the band Mayhem in 1993.   Here’s what Varg has to say upon his release:

“I have learned from my mistakes and become older. Now I just want to be together with my family… I have barely seen my son since he came into the world. Even though I hear his voice on the phone almost every day, it is very tough to not be present while he is growing up. I miss my family. And I look forward the day that I could work on my farm, create music, write books and be with the wife and kids around the clock — and live a normal life.”

With all that being said, go check out Varg’s website, www.burzum.org.  Great information there about him and link there regarding his interview with Guitar World that he did in April of this year.  Also, he’s running a contest for you artsy-fartsy type metal heads out there but hurry the hell up because it ends on Sept. 2010.  The  LOC movie is still in production and due out sometime this year.  I look forward to checking it out because it sounds like this movie’s going to be very hard-core.

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