KING OF ASGARD: Reveal Cover Art And Track Listing For Debut Album

Swedish Viking Folk Death Metallers KING OF ASGARD have revealed the cover art and tracklisting for their upcoming debut album Fi’mbulvintr, to be released August 13/16 via Metal Blade Records in Europe!

KING OF ASGARD commented on the album saying,

Fi’mbulvintr is upon us! Fi’mbulvintr is upon Thee! The winter of three is near and with that comes the first born of King of Asgard. We are very pleased with what we’ve achieved in all aspects of this coming album. The whole production is really in the face, much thanks to Andy who easily understood us, getting the brutal and bombastic sound we wanted. Musically we’re talking a blend of dark folk, death metal and so forth. Much reflected by our musical past. Straight forward, hard-hitting vs melody and settled melancholy. The lyrical approach comes mainly in ancestral portraits, norse mythology, viking sagas and myths with the reflection of our personal ideals completed with the great artwork by Ola Larsson

The album was recorded back in March by Andy LaRocque (King Diamond) as engineer and co-producer over an intense two week period A video from the studio where you can watch KING OF ASGARD recording can be viewed HERE! A second studio video will follow soon.

The Track listing for Fi’mbulvintr is as follows
1 – Intro
2 – Einhärjar
3 – Vämods Tale
4 – The Last Journey
5 – Never Will You Know of Flesh Again
6 – Wrath of the Gods
7 – Snake Tongue
8 – Brethren of the North
9 – Day of Sorrow
10 – Lingering a Sacred Ground
11 – Heroes’ Brigade
12 – Strike of the Hammer
13 – Fi’mbulvintr (outro)


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