A Band Of Orcs on TheLiveLine; music video for “Into The Maelstrom”

TheLiveLine has “encountered A BAND OF ORCS”!  Santa Cruz extreme metallers A BAND OF ORCS has just joined forces with TheLiveLine, and all have recorded their first AudioBlogs in their mighty orc voices!  And that’s not it.  There’s a conceptual story from A BAND OF ORCS in their voice messages at TheLiveLine, so make sure you are constantly calling the band, leaving them voice messages for free, and the voice messages you leave them just may add twists to the story…  Get involved with the domination!

The Orcs have discovered new technology. Call A BAND OF ORCS @ TheLiveLine for FREE here.
Call Cretos Filthgrinder @ (702) 987-4082
Call Gogog Bloodthroat @ (702) 987-4080

Call Gronk! at (702) 987-4084
Call Hulg ElfR.I.P.per at (702) 987-4083
Call Oog Skullbasher at (702) 987-4081

Official music video for “Into The Maelstrom”.  Watch it here.

A BAND OF ORCS – Into The Maelstrom

Also, check them out on MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/abandoforcs

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