Saint Diablo – The Monster’s Real

With the much anticipated release of The Monster’s Real came an amazing CD that did not disappoint in any regard.  The SAINT DIABLO CD is full of high energy  while encompassing powerful lyrics all making you want to bang your head.  The vocals are clear and even the metal portions are well understood.  SAINT DIABLO has been together for a long time, and progressing through the years from their self-titled day Saint Diablo (2004) to their more Latin based Republica (2006) and now with the more metal frenzied sounds of The Monster’s Real (2010).

The first track which is the title track includes an appearance of GWAR’s Flattus Maximus, it opens with nothing but energy and then slows to show off the impressive vocals and well played instruments.  During the latter portions of the song you feel the intensity of the drums and guitars.  You find yourself tapping your feet with the beat of the song.  Overall this is a very good song to kick of their much awaited new album, to boot it is their first single, with video to be released soon.

Then they move into “Need Me,” where the energy continues off of the last track, then slows to show off the great guitar/bass combo along with a steady drumbeat.  This song brings back the Latin influence of the lead singer, that made Republica so well liked.  Lyrics like “Cowards crawl back to your hole,” make this song what it is…awesome!

From there it is onto “Lonely”. In comparison to previous songs this is a bit slower than the rest.  But there is a portion of the song in which it picks up a frenetic pace with the guitars and double bass drums.  I believe the song is all about staying true to who you are no matter what others may think.

A track titled “Whore’s Bath is next on the CD in which there is a great opening with spoken word and great instrumentation in the background.  The lyrics are catchy and well thought out throughout the whole song.  In the middle of the song is a very interesting guitar part to change up the pace a little and to add a different flare to the track.  At one point there is also an insane drum portion of  Whore’s Bath where there is a great display of the drummers double bass skill.

“Nothing Left,” picks up with a lot of energy and passionate lyrics and the overall band play on this track is clean with great pauses and restarts.  “Will you please fuck off, cause there is nothing left to see,” is a great line from this track that encompasses the feeling they are trying to instill into the listener through this song.

“P.G.” being the final track on the song you would expect to tail off but no, not with these guys this song is just as good as the rest.  This song is a great last song to finish off a long set list of great songs.  It starts off very slow with the guitars and drums but then smoothly leads into Tito’s first verse.  “Life’s a lie and I can’t tell the truth around anyone,”  this song is great as well and ends the CD well.

In conclusion if you are looking for a jam packed, high energy CD with meaningful lyrics and passion behind the play this is a great CD for you.  Every song is a good one, and you will not be disappointed with the purchase.  The Monster’s Real was a great follow up to Republica, there were some obvious changes in that they went away from the Latin sound some and added in more Metal.  The best thing you could do is buy this CD and tell your friends because you are doing this great CD and band an injustice if you don’t.

by Tony Wilson (independent reviewer)

Rating: 8/10
Label: Unsigned

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