The Devil Wears Prada – Zombie

One year after they released With Roots Above and Branches Below, The Devil Wears Prada is back with a “fun release with brutal songs.” They also decided to go with a zombie theme for the EP and aptly named it Zombie. The real first question is should listeners take this as a sign of what’s coming or just a one time deal and the band goes back to what they were doing on their next full length?

“Escape” hits you with the expected electronics paired with Mike Hranica’s screams. Mike’s vocals seem to have gotten even stronger with his full arsenal sounding amazing and fully used to his capability. The songs still have the signature The Devil Wears Prada sound to them and the sound album does not really sway off the path the band has already created with their full lengths. The only two differences found are less melodic parts and the usage of sound bites. One would expect less melody as the band did say these were supposed to be the most brutal songs they have created. The lack of melody is not all that missed as the band is still giving us their sound that we all enjoy and eat up.

The sound bites seem to be something that some fans want to see the band incorporate into their sound. “Anatomy” uses a couple of sound bites and they seem to be hit and miss as the first one was unnecessary but the others worked well for what they were doing within the song. “Outnumbered” starts out with a sound bite that is a news report. The sound bite is only there because of the theme of the album and nothing else. It really comes off as cheap and unneeded. In the end, the people wanting sound bites should think twice about what their asking. Adding sound bites could eventually ruin a great song, or make the band force something because they want to use a certain sound bite.

Instead of releasing a covers album for fun like most bands, The Devil Wears Prada gives us all brand new material that adds five more great songs to their catalog. Do yourself a favor and get this EP, you will not be disappointed. If the band decides to head into this direction now, no one will or should be disappointed as this is their best release yet.

Ryan Williford,

Rating: 9.5/10
Label: Ferret Music

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