Major Label CEO Dangles the Carrot Once Again

Remember when we asked you if you supported major labels? Now Universal Music Group Distribution president and CEO Jim Urie is back for more! SMNnews received another ‘personal’ email from the man today…

The general subtext is, Urie is seeking your support in getting ISPs to report piracy to the music industry.

  • Do you find yourself at stake?
  • Will you support this?
  • What of the indie labels and touring artists in the genres of music we listen to?

Voice your concerns/support/commentary below in our Comments Section, and spread the word about this latest plea from the industry.

The response to the industry’s campaign on music piracy last month (below) has been remarkable – nearly 14,000 messages to Congress have already been sent!  The feedback and interest among our community has been overwhelming.   Together, I am confident Congress will hear our call — but we need to be louder still.

If you have already sent an e-mail to your members of Congress – thank you.  Please consider making an even bigger impact by asking your friends, family and colleagues to join us.

I’ll be in touch in the weeks ahead to update you on Congressional activity and other opportunities to get involved in protecting and defending the industry and art form that we all love.  In the meantime, be sure to join our Facebook community on for news and information of interest.

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