Foghat – Last Train Home

FOGHAT have been churning out chugging blues-based rock for over 30 years. The British rockers have often been linked to classic rock, but their songs have always been rooted in the blues. After all, original members Roger Earl and “Lonesome” Dave Peverett played in British blues-rock band SAVOY BROWN before joining FOGHAT.

Last Train Home is a true testimony to their blues-rock statement. It was a collaborative dream between Earl and Peverett, who died in 2000. It consists of three originals (“Born for the Road,” “Last Train Home” and “495 Boogie”), two songs by special guest Eddie “Bluesman” Kirkland, and their favorite blues songs. Bandmates Charlie Huhn and Bryan Bassett share Earl’s love of the blues and give a fine performance on Last Train Home.

“Born for the Road” opens the CD with some twangy slide guitar leading into a catchy melodic chorus. The song displays a tough blues swagger and it’s the perfect measure for what’s around the corner. Bassett’s lead guitar work really shines on the entire album, especially on the opener and next track, the gritty “Needle & Spoon.” The remake of Otis Rush’s “So Many Roads, So many Trains” is a soulful display of how the blues can make you feel emotionally. “Last Train Home” is by far the absolute winner here. Huhn’s vocal delivery, Bassett’s guitar licks and a solid rhythm section drive the song home like a freight train moving through the night at full speed.

The songs on Last Train Home are diverse and varied, from slow blues numbers to mid-paced rockers to all-out boogie numbers. The band truly shines on this album and are in their natural element. This album should have been done years ago. It’s not far-fetched at all for a band like FOGHAT to embrace their inner blues.

By Kelley Simms

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2 thoughts on “Foghat – Last Train Home

  1. I still don’t understand. Is this newly recorded or a compilation of old recordings?

  2. i’m thinking it’s newly recording. like you, i’m getting thrown off by the “3 originals”. maybe it’s all new but those three?

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