CATALEPSY: Members Arrested in North Carolina

Although details were originally sketchy and not a lot of information was being released rumors were flying that Orlando based metal band Catalepsy were arrested last Wednesday night after a show on drug-related charges and that the group’s van was subsequently possessed by authorities. This weekend the band confirmed the arrest in a statement saying:

“After our show at Hooligans, we went to a fans house for a place to stay. Word of mouth spread that we were staying there and about 15 more kids showed up. Noise escalated and the cops were called due to a noise complaint. Three members were outside chilling, I was inside. Blunts were being rolled by the kids but none of the weed belonged to Catalepsy. Cops smelled the weed and barged in the house. All the locals were cited and released but since Catalepsy was from another state, the Jacksonville PD arrested Sean, Mike and I [Rob] for possession even though we had no weed. 1500 dollars and 11 grueling hours in the county jail later, we were released. We played one more show to get the gas money to drive back down to Florida since we all have court. Fuck the police.”

Catalepsy had just kicked off a week-long mini tour of the Southeast, which has subsequently been scrapped.

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